UDTable and the Child

I’m trying to utilize UD100 and UD100A to store tooling information. Tooling is the parent (UD100) and would eventually tie to a part number in Part. The tooling has children (UD100A)

I’ve setup & designed the UD100 table and am now trying to make the UD100A table work. In List view I can see the data but on the form view it doesn’t seem to be populating. The ChildKey1 is on the form, but none of the other data.

I brought all my data in with a DMT from an access database. Did I miss something that’s not allowing the data to show in the form view?

One other struggle I’ve been having is adding the UD100 & UD100A tables as sheets to the part form. I used the Customization Wizard to Add UD table as a child and then the sheet wizard to add the tab. I added all the fields I wanted and it looked great but I can’t seem to figure out how to add the UD100A table. I expected I would be able to add another sheet to the UD100 sheet for my child records, but the UD100A data doesn’t seem to be available. I read somewhere on another post about using the wizard and they 100 and 100A tables should have come in together, but it seems they did not, so I missing something here as well.

Ok figured this part out. My form for UD100 and UD100A working and tied to the correct records.
Now I just need help getting the UD100A table available for viewing on the Part form as a sheet. I’ve been thru the customization wizard a bunch of times - I can add UD100, can customize the sheet to view the UD100 data, but I cannot find how to add the UD100A child records. Any help is appreciated!