UI Form Tab Index out of Order

My tabindex is jumping out of order.

for example:
I have set the tab index 1->20. When I start at 1 and tab through it would go through correctly from 1 to 10 then jump to 15 skipping 11-14. Why is this happening? Where should I check. the controls from 11-14 have tabstops and are enabled.

Some fields on some forms have tab changes controlled by code logic

Is there a way to override this? Also I noticed that when adding even a set of custom textboxes, after entering some text and tabbing out, it doesn’t always go to the next control in the tab order. It will go to a previous control. Is there a way to fix this or is this a bug?

I wouldnt call it a bug, i think it’s maybe just in oversight in how Epicor wrote those particular forms. There are ways around it but it’s not easy. You can use reflection, kill their event that causes the issue (usually in an OnField change) and then recreate the logic (making sure you include any required calls for the logic to work). Then you hook up your new event handler. It’s not easy and it’s not fun -plus I am sure that most people frown upon tweaking with core form logic.

Has anyone found a more pragmatic approach to addressing this?

Our quote form has a ton of controls hidden that are not in use and we reset the tab stops to act how we would like.

We set the tab stop to false on the hidden controls but sometimes they find their way back in the mix which results in some rouge data input =/.

It is 2021 now. Does anyone know if the tab index thing has been sorted out? I have been setting and resetting indices trying to get the tab order to be correct on my UD dashboard. I would love to hear about an approach that actually works!

For what it’s worth, I attack this problem by repeatedly setting the tab index in customization mode. Then testing the sort. Sometimes it works, and other times it does not. Thankfully after about a dozen tries, the form seems to be stuck to the tab order that I wanted. I was having a problem with the second field, so I repeatedly set the sort to alternatively 0, 1, and 2. I also adjusted the subsequent tab indices to match. Seems like this brute force method worked, but I can’t say why.


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