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Everything in Epicor is through a BO. If you are writing back using ODBC that’s generally very very bad :frowning:

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Ok, At least I know where to go from here. Thank you for the warning and info.

William - Is it an LTL company? Just curious…

The company is ProShip. they handle all manner of shipping, including LTL.

After talking with the software company, we will be needing to use REST. But they are wanting info such as “We will need to know the services and the payload format and the response format for the services that will allow us to read and update.”

Can you point me in the right direction on where to find this info?

Once you have installed the rest services, you can access the help page.

This should have all the info you require

The URL is something link https://epicordomain/epicorerptest/api/help/

You can take this further and use something like postman to test the REST calls.


At what version is REST available?

Version >= 10.1.500.X

I thought E9 and all of E10 had REST? Well, that sucks cause i’m on 10.1.400.19.

Might I sugest:

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@josecgomez do oyu know wehre the documentation is for the rest services for 10.1.500.38? All I can find is the documentation for 10.2.

It’s the same for the most part

Good. I have been running this line here in Postman https://server name /ERP101500/2017R/api/v1/Erp.Bo.SalesOrderSvc/SalesOrders?$filter=372984$expand=OrderDtls/OrderRels

And getting told the resource could not be found. HTTP 404. That is what makes me wonder that I either have the line wrong, or it is not available in 10.1.500.

Can you get the swagger help page? If so it will help you find the right URL for the call.

Ok, now I feel stupid, what is the Swagger help page?

Some reading is in roder :slight_smile:

Ok, I will go over this in detail, but I wanted to mentoin that I went back over teh link and did https://my server name, and it worked. Then I went and added on /ERP101500 and that gave me an internal server error.

Well, I got it to work till https://servername/ERP101500, but when I add the /api gives me the error, HTTP Error 404.0 Not Found

Did you hit the Checkbox and re-configure the server to publish REST?

I had the check box already selected when I redeployed the appserver.