Unable to find custom script class start - Dashboard runtime error

I am uplifting this dashboard from Custom converted version of 8.03 to 10.2. There were a few syntax errors in the BAQ that I have fixed and the BAQ runs fine. But when I open the dashboard I get the error Ben Stohr in another post was getting (I posted there too but the thread is too old):

Message: Unable to find custom script class start!!
Program: Ice.Lib.EpiClientLib.dll
Method: InsertCodeDomIntoCode

I don’t think there are any hyperlinks being used in this dashboard so it is probably not related to hyperlinks post. There is another post on this issue 4 years ago, but I am unable to post on there.

I also don’t know where to look for code for Script class so I can check if there is any error in that code because there isn’t any custom coding that was done in this dashboard.

Any help will be appreciated!

Do you have access to the dashboard in V8? You might be better off looking at it in V8 (in developer mode) and then rebuilding it from scratch in E10.

I do have access but there are a ton of customizations I am uplifting so at this point, I am looking for a fix for this problem.
And a fix may come in handy on another dashboard where I may run into the same problem.
Hopefully the people who have experienced it and resolved the problem can help out here.

Thanks for your reply!

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