Unable to login via Google

I’ve been unable to login from most of my devices for the last few weeks, this seems to be the last one that’s working (I thought I had none).

When trying to login with my Google account I get this:

I’ve sent a few emails to forum@e10help.com from the bottom of - https://www.epiusers.help/about - but nobody seems to be monitoring it?

I tried re-registering but I seemed to be denied. Not sure what to do once this machine gets logged out :neutral_face:

I’ll correct it Ben

Thanks, Jose.

Sent you a password reset email that should allow you to login with a username and password (until it is fixed)

I’m working on a permanent solution not sure what broke (yet)

I’m back in on one of my other machines :+1:

Thanks, Jose.

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@Ben_Bowtell Google Auth is fixed.

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