Unable to make a sheet visible

I have a customization for the Quote Entry form that (among other things) hid the Tasks sheet by setting visible to FALSE for the sheet. Now we want to make it visible again, but for whatever reason, we cannot change the visible setting back to TRUE. Any ideas why this is? Does it have something to do with permissions or something?

I tried making a new customization from the base form, and I didn’t have any issues changing visibility…

I have this same issue with Quote Entry which is by far the buggiest form in Epicor.
In your form load event, create a call to specifically make the sheet visible, i.e like so

//One Time Ship To Panel
		Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.OTSPanel OTSPanel = (Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.OTSPanel)csm.GetNativeControlReference("72f7ee02-a978-43c9-a310-bf6543acd948");
		OTSPanel.Visible = true;
		//Bill To Customer Panel
		Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.BillToCustomerPanel BTPanel = (Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.BillToCustomerPanel)csm.GetNativeControlReference("ec70eec8-038a-4794-99cd-7e873b97f1fd");
		BTPanel.Visible = false;
		//Header Misc Charges Panel
		Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.HeaderMiscChrgsPanel HeaderMiscChargePanel = (Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.HeaderMiscChrgsPanel)csm.GetNativeControlReference("7e790c9e-99fd-4543-9489-58ee00791f71");
		HeaderMiscChargePanel.Visible = false;
		//Task Sub Sheets 1
		Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.Panels.TaskSubPanels.TaskSubSheets TaskSubPanel = (Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.Panels.TaskSubPanels.TaskSubSheets)csm.GetNativeControlReference("99f1dd5c-4792-4ef1-8aa3-912c7dcf5431");
		TaskSubPanel.Visible = true;	
		//Task Comment Panel
		Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.Panels.TaskSubPanels.TaskCommentPanel TaskCommentPanel = (Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.Panels.TaskSubPanels.TaskCommentPanel)csm.GetNativeControlReference("87d5a561-ea6d-454d-b7ca-66015cb4197f");
		TaskCommentPanel.Visible = true; 
		//Task Vendor Panel
		Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.Panels.TaskSubPanels.TaskVendorPanel TaskVendorPanel = (Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.Panels.TaskSubPanels.TaskVendorPanel)csm.GetNativeControlReference("0f4b044d-5e46-4a1f-a50e-01698da7070b");
		TaskVendorPanel.Visible = true;
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I would go to Custom XML Editor, then there will be 3 tabs, on 3rd you should find your Hide Property - just find it and hilight it, then press Delete on your Keyboard. Save your Customization, Close Screen, Open Screen.


If that doesn’t work, then perhaps its on a Personalization Level.

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Thanks a lot, worked like a charm after closing and opening the customization again.