Understanding PCID

Hello everyone,

We are looking at PCID and what it can do to help us keep track of pallets and packages for shipments. It looks great in terms of a ‘from inventory’ perspective, but I am not finding clear information on ‘make to order’ scenarios.

In the Build/Ship/Merge PCID menu, it appears that you can only create a PCID from inventory or from an existing PCID. If a job was make to order, it would never become inventory before being shipped. So how do you take a completed wip job quantity and create a PCID from that?

Let me know if I am just not understanding how PCID is supposed to function or If I am just missing something.

Until you get to 600 it’s not truly fully functional. At that point if you are using Make To Order jobs you still can’t use it for those particular jobs. WIP does not support PCID.


What are the improvements from .500 to .600?

So does 600 support WIP > PCID? Or do they not have plans to support it at all?

No it is not supported, “yet”

Primarily the use of PCID’s in Transfer Orders.

Ok, well that’s cool. Thanks!

We have some customer containers at one site I’d like to keep track of. It’s customer-owned material that we treat and I was thinking of using the RMA process to get it into the system (at zero cost). They do associate some lot numbers with the containers so we process a container at a time since the lot can change from container to container. The idea was to dispose the customer parts to the job where we add our material and labor. But it would be nice to us PCID to ship from the job. Still, we should still be able to get profitability and cost history and just use container numbers in the Shipment Memo.

Ill just keep an eye on release notes and keep this in mind for the future. Thanks for all the info!