Unit Cost Truth

I would go for job costs
Jobassy table holds the costs in cost components if you check the box in company configuration under the production tab

Another gotcha can be job to job transactions, the cost never gets updated so job estimates can be wrong

Two solutions
Do a costroll that will update the standard and update the subassembly parts’s costs that you are doing job to job
Or manually collect the cost for the subassembly and put the average into the subassembly part costs

Another gap is when you change your burden rates at the beginning of the year. Jobs created last year still have values at the prior year rate

Bottom line, there are a lot of ways to measure your costs

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Thank you, everyone! I think we have all come to at least one conclusion. The Production Detail report, at a minimum should show the unit cost that we care about. This is one of the sources we have been using. We will continue to use this source to prove our cost.
Thanks for your time, everyone!


Also @NateS, Great question! the way you asked the question was truly trying to dig into a solution/answer without proposing a solution as part of your question. This allows for deeper digging, and you didn’t fall into the XY Problem where people ask about their proposed solution instead of asking about their problem.