Unit of Measure Change/Correction

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We are in trouble so looking for some advise here.

We procured cables in past but due to lack or knowledge of UOM people procured them as EACH ( 100m Reel)… now our BOM also calls for EACH, which is strange.

now Cable A - EPICOR Stock is 1 (EACH) which is 100m reel.
BOM calls 10 EA which actually mean is 10m only. but stores issued 1 EA from stock and now job shows 09 EA short but production does not need it and we have now 90 meter stock.(Physical)

Since the procurement and material issue transaction has happened. How we can correct the UOM ? as now in Part Data UOM field is grayed out so we cant change it.

What is the best way to tackle this? we have lot of like this to fix :frowning:



According to the Epicor “Unit of Measure Principles and
Setup” documentation:

Once a a new part has been assigned a UOM Class and it has
been used for any kind of transaction in the Epicor application, it cannot be changed.

However, it appears that you can go into Part Maintenance and “duplicate” the part, under the Actions menu, giving it a slightly different name, same parameters and the correct UOM Class. Then use that “new” part in transactions going forward. Hope this helps.

Matthew Morgan

Thanks Matthew ,

it looks a reasonable solution…


There is a UOM conversion process. But it is very temperamental, and rarely works. If you can go with making a new partnumber, I’d suggest that.

Make sure you select the UOM Class LENGTH, and the inventory UOM of M. Set the Purchase UOM to M also and then purchasing will enter the PO qty in meters as well. Just make sure they specify the length in meters and not the number of reels.

Use the Adjust Qty program to zero out the QOH of the old part number, and then another Adj Qty to add it back in as the new part number.

Thanks Calvin…

We tried de-stocking and re-correcting UOM but costing didn’t match some how :frowning:


You will have to put the cost for the new UOM manually.

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Thanks Vinay