Unit of Measure error

We are getting an error at shipping. It is the only part that has given us this problem.

The error is:

Unit of measure not found for Class:Length UOM:EA

Exception caught in: Epicor.Mfg.BO.CustShip

Error Detail

Message: Unit of measure not found for Class:Length UOM:EA
Type: Error
Program: lib/AppService.p
Method: UOMConv2

Does anyone know how to correct this?

EA is a strange UOM for Length. Is that intended?

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Take a look at the Releases tab in the sales order for that line. I have seen releases where the UOM on the line is different than the UOM for the part.

Rick Stannard
IT Project Manager

I have check the part and our unit of measure for Length is Inches and it is the primary Unit of measure are all inches.

I also checked the plant.

I looked at UOM Class and the unit of measure is Inches.

I just don’t where else to check.

Is it possible there is some customization\BPM setting that field on the ship screen?

I think UOMConv2 goes back thru all of the job material so check each part and all of that parts conversions.

@Cathy : The part has been set to ‘Track multiple UOMs’= true in part entry. And some transaction has been done with other UOM(purchase/Sales) than IUM, that is the reason for this Error.

You can create a User Define UOM class of type Other for this part where Your EA UOM meet the any converted UOM of class “LENGTH”.

I did a quick query and non of parts have the “Track Multiple UOM” checked.

I have look at the transaction history and the only unit of measure is IN - Inches for the part in question.

We do not have multiple unit of measure.

We basically have Each and Inches but, have not setup any multiple UOM.

do a query of the PartTran table.

I did - All Inches

Was the P/N previously used as an On The Fly (OTF) Part?

Could there have been an order entered with different units when it was an OTF part, and then that P/N created in the part master, but with a different UOM?