Unit Price update in Order Entry for Vantage 8

That worked!
I really appreciate your help!
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I want to create a BPM whenever a new price has been set(updated) for a Line or new line in sales Order Entry.

I have selected as a method directive "SalesOrdHedDtl.Update" and then "New Pre-processing" with condition: number of rows in the 'querySOUpdate' query is not less than 1

querySOUpdate: for each ttOrderDtl where ttOrderDtl.UnitPrice <> '' and ttOrderDtl.PartNum <> '' and ttOrderDtl.RowMod='A'

Then I tried to create a new sales order or update an existing one with a new line and change the unit price but no action is triggered.

What am I missing?

Thank you!


I'm confused about what your action is.  You state I want to create a bpm whenever a new price is updated.  What is the bpm going to do?  What is your Action?

action is to get an e-mail with the new price. 
but that is not triggered..
I think you need to use the SalesOrder.Update method and set a condition to send the email if 'the ttOrderDtl.UnitPrice(?) field has been changed from any to any'.
You could also get the same functionality by using a BAM on an event for the Order detail unit price field change with action of Send alert, (and maybe create log as well?).

it seems that it worked, but with a delay of 3 hours..
the server is really slow.
I have used tracy.tmat's suggestions 
When you set up the e-mail template at action, does anyone know why it would not display in e-mail(after is has been sent) any data from other tables besides " ttOrderDtl"??
Is it because UnitPrice is from ttOrderDtl? and it would only show information from that table?
I want to display PO# in e-mail (when unit price has been changed), and I can only find PONum in ttOrderHed.

What I have now: condition is triggered and e-mail is sent, I can only see information from "ttOrderDtl".


after it has been sent*

Are you using the email template in Vantage and the emails are only showing data for ttOrderDtl?

We have an email alert that works as follows:

PreProcessing Method

Condition:  If [field] changed

Action:  Enable Post Process Directives

PostProcessing Method:

Condition:  Directive enabled from Pre Method

Action:  Send email using template (we have ttOrderHed fields on here)

Hope this helps.