Unknown ConfigurationSummaryDataSet

Hello, I need to get the Part Configurator records from PcInputValue. First, I wanted to call a BAQ with the BO in my external app but I can’t find the table in the BAQ designer. Then I decided to use the BOs related to part configurators directly. I followed the Trace and I repeated it many time before coming asking the question here to make sure I didn’t miss anything. In order to get the data I need to use two BOs: ConfigurationRuntime and ConfigurationRuntimeExt. I can’t find a way to get the configurationSequenceDataSet needed in the second call of the trace.

                    var configurationRuntimeDataSet = configuratorRuntimeImpl.GetByID(578);    //first call            
                var configurationSummaryDataSet = new Erp.BO.ConfigurationSummaryDataSet(); // Where do I get this????
                var configurationSequenceDataSet = configuratorRuntimeImpl.PreStartConfiguration(configurationRuntimeDataSet, configurationSummaryDataSet); //second call
                var pcValueTransportDs = configuratorRuntimeImplExt.StartPcValueConfiguration(configurationRuntimeDataSet, configurationSequenceDataSet).PcValueTransport;// 3rd call

Can someone give me a hint on how I can find out?

I was able to access the PcValueInput Table through the External BAQ which I didnt know exist! :stuck_out_tongue: I hope this helps someone!

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