Unknown Rest Exception Kinetic 2022_1 Fresh Install

Hey all, I’m running some test upgrades before we actually upgrade our live environment. I’m running into an issue right after I deploy the application server, then try to to connect to it via the admin console.
This is the error I get:

I haven’t been able to find too much information on this issue. Has anyone run into this and found a way to get around it? Thanks!

Can you look into the event logs on the application server? It may point to where the issue is.

I seem to recall something similar. Here are the things that messed me up:

  • Install all .net requirements and get all windows updates for them
  • Make sure you have a valid SSL certificate and that it is bound to the IIS site being used
  • Configure Token Authentication and generate a token
  • Apply your license to the site
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Thank you for the reply! I was able to install the .net requirements and get updates. I also checked the SSL certificate being bound to the IIS site which it is.

Unfortunately I don’t think I can configure token Authentication or apply a license at this point, since I can’t connect to the application server from the Epicor Administration Console GUI.

@Doug.C I just checked the event logs and I was unable to find anything related to Epicor or even IIS in the event logs during the time the error was produced. I did not previously think to check them, so thank you for the wisdom!

You don’t reach any of Kinetic code, your IIS failing earlier

Did you install .NET 6 and corresponding IIS hosting bundle? Hosting Bundle | Microsoft Learn


@Olga thank you so much, you are a lifesaver! I had installed .NET 6 before IIS. To get it to work I had to uninstall .NET 6, then re-install it.


you only have to reinstall the bundle AFTER IIS is installed. Because it is IIS module.


Same thing just happened to me on a fresh install.

@Olga , is it correct to say that installing .NET 6 SDK and ASP.NET Core runtime hosting bundle should always be done AFTER configuring Server Roles for IIS?

If so can you forward this on to the New Install guide documentation team?