Unlink Grid Columns

I unhid the QuoteMtl.PBrkQty01 field in Quote --> Line --> MfgDetails --> Quote Details --> Material --> List through a personalization.
By doing so, it forces QuoteMtl.UOM to move with it.
How can I break that behavior?

I know if I want to add that behavior, then I can do so in the Extended Properties, but the linked column field is blank.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Hey @hmwillett
haha this is an old a** question but I have a related question…
WTF is the PBrkQty01 field for? and how does it work?

Do you know?

Price Break Qty 1.
At the line level of the quote, you can add different price breaks and that field is for the quantity.
I think. Lol, it’s been awhile.

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Correct and if you wanted to know margin at each price break, you’d need to know the Price and Cost for each quantity.

OK but how’s that different from the Price Breaks (Supplier) for Direct Purchase?

I believe that is the price breaks WE get from our Supplier not the breaks we give our customer.

That’s just for the material.
The field you referenced is for the quantity on the line of the quote.

The QuoteQty is the selling price to the customer. The VendPBrk is the quantity cost from a supplier for a particular part.

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Ok Not I’m more confused LoL
Sorry (non production guy here) feel free to make me feel stupid

I think what I"m understanding is as follows

If I purchase direct I can get breaks from the Supplier which get entered into the Supplier Price Breaks
(Does this affect my WorkSheet Cost?)

QuoteMtl Price Break Qty 1,2,3,4,5 etc…
Are Breaks “we” give he customer based on their purchase quantity of the parent part? But how / why is this a COST break?

I’m so lost.

Sure but PBrkCost01,02,03,04 etc… is on QuoteMtl and it relates to the PBRkQty

So… yeah i’m lost…

throws some random text at Jose, maybe he understands it better than I

Price break quantity, quantity at which a price break occurs. The quantity represent the minimum qty that is needed to obtain the corresponding price established in PBCost array. Not all 4 elements need to be entered. However they must be entered consecutively in ascending order.

Quoting selects the material unit cost to use by first calculating the material Required Qty based on the quote quantity. Then searches the PBQty array finding the element which is less than and closest to the required qty.

If one is found then the corresponding PBCost is used else EstUnitCost is used.

Estimated Unit Cost. May be defaulted from the appropriate Part master cost fields. Quoting allows multiple unit costs to be entered for quantity price breaks via PBQty & PBCost arrays. The price break logic considers the EstUnitCost field as the lowest element in the price break structure. That is if you had price breaks for quantities of 100, 500 and 1000. Then the EstUnitCost would represent the cost if the required qty is 1 - 99.

LoL @haso I read the help… it didn’t help

Why would you give price breaks inside the material line on a BOM?
Shouldn’t everything related to the QuoteMtl be cost, and the price be a Markup of the cost?

No, you’re good.

Let’s say I’m quoting a Assy. And I tell Customer, I’ll send you:

1-10 for $10/EA
11-20 for $18/EA

That’s QuoteQty.

Let’s say you’re selling 11 Assy. So that’s 11 part Bs. Your supplier sells you Bs at 1-5: .80, and 6-20 for .50. Epicor will use the Supplier’s Part Price break for $5.50 but your revenue would be $198 (11 * $18).

Ok I follow all that… but I’m still hung up on the Quote Price Breaks. How does that come into play?
That’s not QuoteQty… I’m talkin specifically about Quote Price breaks at the individual Material Line
(hidden fields)PBrkQty01 02 03 etc… and so on…
Which can be accessed from

The way I understand is the PBrk are just placeholders for Epicor to easier calculate helper numbers that will trickle from the QuoteMtl up to the QuoteQty (Worksheet Tab).

Doing 1 material is easy… but now when you start using co-parts, markup, material and labor split costs. Epicor figures out the math and puts it into the PBrk columns.

Put in a Unit Cost, Qty and Burden etc it should trickle up to your QuoteQty. You should see it on the Worksheet tab

I think I finally got it…
The Supplier Price Break (button)
Is to setup the supplier price breaks

While the Price Break button (lets you pull from those supplier price breaks into the material line) which is a Cost Break to us not a Frigging Price Break…

And its a stupid name it should be a Cost Break not a Price break.

Thank you @Mark_Wonsil, @hkeric.wci , @hmwillett @Randy :pray::pray:

Add a beer each to my tab,


Since Epicor is trying to calculate a margin, when the selling quantity goes up, generally your unit price goes down. The same is true for your materials. The more you buy, the lower your unit cost. If someone orders 100 units and you don’t pass some of that savings onto your customer, your competitor will.

That’d still be a case --or more-- that I owe you. :wink:

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