Unreceive a Transfer Order

Any way to unrecive a TO Receipt?

I can view the receipt in TO Receipt entry. And even select the received line and hit the delete key (FWIW - The Delete icon on the tool bar does nothing). When I hit the DEL key I get a very abnormal looking pop-up:
This doesn’t look like the typical Delete Warning (notice the first line is clipped, and not “Do not show again…” checkbox)

If I hit YES, the box closes and the line disappears from the Received Lines. Lines Pending also shows blank, and the tree still shows Line 1

Refreshing the form amkes the line reappear under the Received Lines tab.

Hi Calvin,

I think it’s dumb luck I haven’t seen this one yet. I cannot delete a received line in the transfer order receipt either. E10.1.600.20
I’m getting same message using delete key on the row. It looks like it works but then I search and find receipt still exists.
Tell your users they’re not allowed to make any mistakes? :grinning:



Intra-office Memo:

Effective immediately, E10 user are to stop making mistakes.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

The Management


To be honest… It was me that made the mistake. Luckily it was in the test company.

I was walking through a procedure that required making an item in Site A and the TOing it to B for shipment. With me running the WIP/Recon report and viewing Part Tran History at various steps.

The cost of the Mfg’d part was zero when it was received in to site A’s inventory. I noticed this AFTER the TO Recipt happened at site B.

I was hoping to

  1. un-Receive it at B
  2. Un-TO ship it from A
  3. Un-Receive to stock in A
  4. Fix cost

The do the Rcpt to stk, TO shipment, and TO receipt.