Unreserve Reserved Parts

How to Unreserve Reserved Parts using an updatable dashboard?

Thanks in advance.

Orders or Jobs?
You can do all this by using Fulfillment Workbench.

Thanks, Tomas. I know we can Unreserve the Orders Reserved Parts through Fulfillment Workbench but we need an updatable dashboard.

I’ve only ever done it programmatically, but somehow you will need to build up an OrderAlloc dataset and then call orderallocBO.Unreserve(orderAllocDS, out messageTextUnReserveCreditHold);

@aclements, Could you please share the code?

The tricky bit is going to be running it from a dashboard.

To do this, I think your going to need to create a calculated field of ‘bit’ datatype called something like ‘Unreserve’.

When a user want to unreserve an order they need to check this field in the dashboard.

You then need to write a new ‘base processing’ directive on the updateext method for the baq.

This will be fired when you press save, at this point your can build up your OrderAllocListDataSet using the widgets and the data. make sure you have the ‘SelectedForAction’ set to true.

Once you have the dataset created , pass it to the ‘OrderAlloc.Unreserve’ method.

I have only ever done with visual studio as part of an automation routine, but I’m pretty certain the above method will work, but it’s not staightforward.

Good luck.

@aclements, this is a little bit tricky. Could you please share the visual studio code?

Sorry I can’t due to IP issues