UOM Conversion Process & Reporting


I would like to know how can you work around with UOM conversions in Epicor.

There is a product that has 12packets in 1box (1box=12pkts) and i want to fix this in epicor, and lets say i purchase 10boxes and then i sell 8boxes &10pkts.
and also when i print my stock report i want the report to show inn Quantity as 2boxes & 2pkts.

@muzu Welcome. It would show as two different UOMs, but will show each of them if you check track multiple UOMs. It would be 26 pkts or 2.1667 boxes.

Thanks @gpayne however we dont want to show it in decimals.

Like how we are maintaining in our current accounting package (TALLYPRIME) as per screenshot below:

@muzu I am not aware of any report that would do that, but it would not be too hard to make a stock status dashboard that would show in full containers and take the remainder into Eaches.

So no possibility of maintaining in EPICOR as per our current accounting system i…e.TALLYPRIME

Just build a BAQ report and do the calculations in the BAQ.

Do you just want certain screens and reports to break it into boxes and packs? Or do you wish to be able to enter qtys of boxes and packlike, “4 bx 2 pk” for four boxes plus two packs(for 50 packs total)?

Maybe you need two different part numbers. One for a single packet, and one for a box containing 12 packets. This would be especially so if once you break a box, you can’t just combine packets to make a new box.