UOM - DRUM and Gallons


Looking for some basic advice on a UOM (or Dynamic UOM Class) that would enable someone to purchase a ‘Drum’ of something liquid as an "EACH’ and have that Drum be stored in inventory as gallons. The ‘Drum’ will not always be the same amount of gallons, the product in the drum will be. The vendor will charge by the drum. We already have a UOM Class for Liquid Volumes that has Quarts at the Base UOM and Gallons.

Advanced UOM and Dynamic Attribute Classes are in play as we are piloting AUOM.


One option is to have several UOMs for various drum volumes.

For example:
DR015 - 15 Gallon Drum - 1 DR015 = 60 QT
DR030 - 30 Gallon Drum - 1 DR030 = 120 QT
DR055 - 55 Gallon Drum - 1 DR055 = 220 QT

You could then order Qty 1 DR055 of some liquid and track inventory in gallons or quarts.

Depends on how many different drum sizes you are dealing with. If there are too many options, this doesn’t scale well.

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Thanks for the information. Not sure how many drum sizes we are dealing with, but more than likely it as small number >5. Made a UOM Class for 55Gal and 40Gal and purchase/received/paid from a PO and things worked as desired.

We are still testing things with Advanced UOM and Dynamic Attribute Classes. Might still test to see if we could utilize this new functionality for solve this same puzzle… mostly for learning on the fly with it.


You can have a UOM as part specific. So each part can have different gallons which will be defined on the respective parts.

We sell plastic bags in rolls and cases but have the UOM as either RL or CS as the case may be. The exact number of bags in the RL or case is defined on the part under Part UOM conversion. This way you will not have to create a UOM for all the different drum sizes.