UOM error in MRP logs

We run a Net Change MRP nightly. We have been seeing a number of UF jobs in the MRP logs with error associated with UOM problems. Here is a snippet from the logs.

07:07:15 Processing Part:002125957-21-1 Site:MfgSys.
07:07:15 Parameters: Receive Time -> 0; Planning Fence -> 0; Delta In -> 5; Delta Out -> 30; Lead Time CutOff -> , Use Dynamic DOS -> False, Allow Consume Min -> True
07:07:15 Deleting suggestions
07:07:15 Deleting unfirm jobs for part 002125957-21-1
07:07:15 Deleting unfirm job UF-00000001086
07:07:16 Processing non-stock transactions for Part:002125957-21-1.
07:07:16 Processing order requirement, Order:2125957 Line:21 Rel:1.
07:07:16 Get Destination
07:07:16 Create Intersite Supply
07:07:16 Creating new unfirm job:UF-00000001610 Quantity:1.00000000.
07:07:16 Adding to job:UF-00000001610 Quantity:1.00000000.
07:07:16 Copying BOM from Part:002125957-21-1 Rev:- to Job:UF-00000001610.
07:07:16 Unit of measure not found for Class:Count UOM:FT
07:07:16 Processing stock transactions for Part:002125957-21-1.
07:07:16 Beginning Balance 0
07:07:16 Done with Part 002125957-21-1

The line that says Unit of Measure not found for Class: Count UOM:FT is the problem. We do not have a UOM in the Count class that is FT. No parts in our database are setup like this. No part on the bill of material for this UF job has a UOM Class of Count and a UOM of Feet.
Has anyone seen this kind of error? Any suggestions?

This looks like one of the parts in the BOM for 002125957-21-1 has a data issue with a mismatch of UOM Class and UOM. Where I’ve seen similar issues at clients, bringing up each of the sub-parts in Part Maintenance usually found the problem.



Thanks for the reply. I reviewed every part in the BOM and none have a UOM Class of Count and a primary UOM of FT. In addition, I wrote a query to look at all of the parts in our database (350,000). No part is setup in the database with a UOM Class of Count and a primary UOM of feet! This looks like a bug to me, but I am hoping someone else has seen this already. We are on E10.0.700.4.

Check the BASEUOM field on the JobMtl table. We have seen this in 9.05.603.

Also, if you haven’t already, I’d check for any UOM Conversions for the sub-parts on the BOM. If that isn’t it, check to see if anything on the order (Order:2125957 Line:21 Rel:1) looks odd.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks, but I can’t check the JobMtl table because I have no Job to look up. MRP did not create a new UF job and it cancelled the one that was already out there!


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We have it happen every 6 months or so. I built an updateable dashboard to change the UOM on the make to order demand link to EA.

We had this error occur in DMR Processing when attempting to Select All from a DMR search.
When I reported it to Epicor support they provided a Data Fix. This was on 10.0.700.3 but they associated SCR 83029 which is for 9.05.
My DMR issue was on Call 6800943MPS and Matt Tabor helped me with this.
Here is the notes from the data fix:
**RETRO FIX FOR SCR 83029 - UOM Conversion factor turns to 0 when selecting the option to track on hand.


SCR 90273 - Part - UOM Class ID is automatically changed to the System Default on save

      Update convfactor on PartUOM to convfactor on UOMConv where partuom convfactor = 0


That sounds interesting. Any chance you could send me the dashboard, or the logic?


Rick Stannard
IT Project Manager
Office 860-599-6203
Mobile 860-405-4430


Thanks so much for the details. I have opened a call with Epicor Support, so this will be a major help!


Rick Stannard
IT Project Manager
Office 860-599-6203
Mobile 860-405-4430

Attached is the dashboard and baq.

The other way to deal with this since the MRP creation is failing would be to make a data directive to change FT to EA.


JobPartFix.dbd (118 KB)

This does not work on Epicor 10 I don’t think. Great utility.

No, I am still living in E9. I hope this will be simple to write when I move to E10.

It is a ubaq on jobpart with an advanced update.

I am fighting this.

Business Layer Exception

Unit of measure not found for Class:Count UOM:INCH

Exception caught in: Epicor.ServiceModel

Error Detail

Description: Unit of measure not found for Class:Count UOM:INCH
Program: Erp.Internal.Lib.AppService.dll
Method: UOMConv3
Line Number: 2822
Column Number: 21

What is in the MRP Log before it dies?

as @Bart_Elia tells us. Did you check in the Flight Data Recorder for any clues.

If you have the sales order and part number from the log then you can look at all of the data behind it. If nothing else it will give you the job MRP wanted to make and you can attempt to make it manually. If it gives you the same error then you have more info to troubleshoot with. If you get the job made then MRP won’t need to make the job and should complete on the next run.

Access denied to that link but what is happening is my Inspectors are trying to receive these parts in from an OSP and this error is popping up after acknowledging the correct amount that are accepted. Then hitting save. This is from the inspection processing tab. I am very new to Epicor. All my other experience is in other systems.

Ok, so not related to MRP. the UOMConv routines go all the way back thru the process and validate ALL UOMs on all parts. It may not be on the job, but an alternate on a material.

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Did you get a resolution on this from Support?

We currently have the same issue. Error of “Unit of measure not found for Class:COUNT UOM:FT”. Also checked the part database, nothing has class “COUNT”, UOM “FT”. And nothing funky in order or job.

I created a BAQ when I was in 905.603 that linked JobMtl table to JobAsmbl table. The criteria was JobMtl_IUM <> JobMtl_BaseUOM and JobMtl_BaseUOM <> “”. I displayed the JobNum, AsmSeq, MtlSeq, Part, etc.

This usually found the problem for me. We have moved on to E10 and we have not encountered the problem since.