Updatable BAQ Field Read-Only

I’ve created an updatable BAQ for job costs and completed quantities. I can change most of the fields I’m using except the JobOper_ActBurCost field. It’s greyed out and I can’t change it. See pic below.

Any idea on why that would be and how I can make it updatable as well?

That field is readonly and system maintained. You would have to update labor records to have that field update.

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Total Burden cost to date. This is update via the LaborDtl\Write.p trigger procedure. It includes ALL burden costs (Setup, Production and Rework)

This quote is from the table/field descriptions. Perhaps you can use the LaborDtl as it suggests?

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I just discovered this while I was messing with my query, wish I would have seen your response a little sooner lol. Appreciate it though