Updatable Dashboard - Not in GridView

I have created an updateable dashboard and deployed it, it works fine in Kinetic and the fields to update are displayed in a grid. Visually, i would like to display the fields as separate labels and text boxes rather than in a grid, what is the easiest way to achieve this ?

Not sure this works in K11 but in E10 I’d add a Tracker view & then delete the grid view?

I was playing around with a tracker so yes, will have a go removing the grid and see what happens, thank you.

I have added a tracker and deleted the grid - It now looks exactly the way I am after, but when refreshing there is no box to enter the BAQ parameter and the data doesn’t load into the tracker (hence cant update) . The tracker is set to Updateable and the view is also published. Any ideas ?


Unlike the other items in the tree view, it appears that the context menu for delete is missing. You can still use the Delete toolbar button to delete the grid view, just select the summary/grid you want delete in the tree and then click on the X button.

Tested on 2022.1.13