Update dashboard tracker view properties, after it's been customized

I have a dashboard with a tracker view used for input filters. I “customized” the tracker view by setting a default value for one of the input fields.

I updated the BAQ (adding some new fields). And I now want to update the tracker’s properties to add some of those added fields. But the tracker properties window says “Customized”, and won’t let me add those new fields. I undid the changes and saved, but it still considers it customized.

Are my only choices?

  1. Rebuild the Tracker from scratch
  2. Add the new fields while in customization mode

No option to delete or undo tracker view customizations?

I am interested to see what solution you get here. I have had this happen to me and I always have had to rebuild the tracker from scratch.

There’s probably an option #3 - that would only be for dashboards that would be very painful to rebuild parts.

That would be to export it as XML, edit the XML, and re-import it.

Disclaimer: Importing edited XML is dangerous and to be done with the knowledge that comes with grave risk.

Are you expecting the ability to add fields like you do when first creating the tracker (checking them off)?

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yes. And not just add fields. You can’t change anything other than the label caption of the already selected fields. You can’t even remove an existing one.

If it was something like a text field, no big deal just make it invisible. But a checkbox has to have one value or the other, there is no “ignore” the checkbox.

I would expect that too and I don’t understand why we can’t just do that.

Maybe I’ll add “Delete dashboard tracker view customizations” to the requested features topic …

Has anyone submitted this bug to Epicor? I need to update visibility for some columns in a tracker view I set up for Search and I do not want to have to undo/redo my customizations.

With the move toward Kinetic UI, I wouldn’t expect any more work on .Net client customizations. You may want to check out K21 and see if that will do what you want, and if not, report it. Now is the time to shape the product.

I submitted a case with Epicor and they basically confirmed the two options–update/add fields in Customizer or rebuild tracker from scratch. It sure would be nice if the two methods for updating a tracker view (Properties and Customize) were integrated.

I had the same issue, but I found the solution was to right-click on the tracker view that was customized and select the ‘Customize Tracker View’ option…


Next, click the Tools menu option and select the ‘Custom XML Editor’…


Go to the ‘Custom Properties’ tab and delete all rows there…


Then go to the ‘XML View’ tab and highlight and delete all the text there…


Now, when I open the tracker view properties, the Customized label is gone and I can edit like normal…


I hope this helps someone out there. :slight_smile:


This was successful for me. They all take GUIDs which you can generate here:

I don’t know if Epicor is unique list of GUIDS per BO or screen, or if they all consult a master list, so this could be dangerous. I tested it first on a test installation of Epicor.