Update MOM - easiest way to apply changes to all open jobs?

Typically when we update a MOM we want to push the update out to all open jobs for the part. Normally this is a very manual process of finding all jobs for the part, going into job entry, and updating the MOM.

I’m about to do this now, and figured I should ask is there a better way? Would love it if there was a feature or some better way to apply the change to all open jobs when checking in a change to Engineering Workbench. Just want to make sure I’m not doing it the hard way, and there is an easier way.


@embedded I do these with DMT.


I have a updatable dashboard to update open jobs and replace one part with another on one or many using checkbox and button. This works great for a single material but not for many across lots of jobs I would then follow @gpayne and use DMT.