Update Resource Group ID on Open Jobs

I have updated my resource group ids and have moved resources over to them. Now all our open jobs show the old resource group ids instead of the new ones. How do I update the old resource group ids to the new ones?

The supported method is multiple DMT uploads. Un-release and un-engineer the jobs by changing the flags in JobHead. Change the JobOpDtl records to point to the new resource. Then push another change to JobHead that re-engineers and re-release the jobs.

Then I’d check ResourceTimeUsed to make sure the changes were pushed to the scheduling boards. Sometimes changes at the job level don’t filter down unless you unchedule and reschedule the job.


One time we only changed the operation on JobOper using DMT forgetting that we would also have to update JobOpDtl via dmt as well.

Do you also re-schedule via the DMT as well?

I’ve never rescheduled via DMT. If I were to go that route, I’d feel comfortable updating the resource ID’s. I wouldn’t touch the date/time fields. I’d still go into the scheduling boards and reflow everything. Just in case.


This method changes the job information as requested. Going forward I feel like I need to change the MOM information as well. Does Mass Resource Group Replace accomplish this, or should I use another method?

Mass Resource Replace does a 1:1 swap, but that’s all it does.