Update TaxSvc records

Trying to create Credit Memos in 10.2.300, against invoices created back when we were on 10.1.400.

We’re getting the following error when trying to calculate the tax for the CM


The original invoice had tax info (Via TaxConnect/Avalera ), and thus created TaxSvcHead and TaxSvcDetail records. But those TaxSvc records are missing ToCountry info.

So it looks like 10.2.300 is trying to use that ToCountry for determining the tax on the new CM’s.

Is there any way of updating those TaxSvc records?

Are the TaxSvc records even the root of my problem?

@ckrusen simple thing to check, do you have ISO codes added to your countries?

On the Tax Interface tab in company maintenance you can disable Validate ISO Country Code, maybe that will help temporarily?

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Not sure why we have that selected in the first place.

I dont, maybe I should? LOL

Just looked in our prior 10.1.400 install to see if it was an option there…

In 10.1.400 the option is called “Validate ISO Country Code”

In 10.2.300 the it is called “Use ISO Country Code”