Update to 10.1.400.28 or 10.1.500.14 or later yet?

If you have not, you may want to do so. Obviously there are a variety of reasons, validations, etc you need to go thru.
If you are applying these or greater patches, peak at your memory footprint before and after and let me know how much the server w3wp drops in memory. Any noted increased performance would be a welcome anecdote as well.

We found an Entity Framework feature that was introduced and we had to work around it :slight_smile:
SCR 198962 for those that need that …


I have noticed moving from 10.0.700.3 to 10.1.500.14 that the w3wp process is a lot more stable. I was having to run a batch file nightly to recycle the app pool, I no longer have to do this.

Well, we are live on 10.1.500.14 as of Monday, and one difference I have noticed is that in the morning, after our 5-6 hour MRP run, the memory usage on our app pool is only at around 6 GB or so. I don’t have screenshot evidence, but I swear it used to hover somewhere aroudn 10-12GB after an MRP run back on 10.0.700.4

That’s what we are seeing in SaaS as well :slight_smile:

I’ll be curious if you see a difference in elapsed time.

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I can corroborate that memory usage on that version (10.0.700.4) for an MRP run of 10 - 12 gb for app server usage.

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