Update UD Table from configurator using classic screens in kinetic

I am still using classic forms. I have made a custom sheet on my quote screen called ‘options chosen’. I also placed an epiUltraGrid on the new sheet that is binded to UD Table 25. The key 1 is quote Number and Key 2 is quoteline. I need help on the proper code to use in the UD configurator method entry screen to essentially tell it that
Inputs.epiPcTextBox8.Value = Character01, Inputs.epiPcNumericEditor33.Value = Number01, Inputs.epiPcNumericEditor34.Value = Number02 etc for over 20 inputs.

It looks like you used the wizard to add a UD Child?
And then added a sheet with a gridview that is bound to UD25… i.e. list view?
Can you simply add a second “detail” sheet with controls that are bound to your UD25 fields?
Or are you trying to do something more complicated?

Yes, I did use the wizard. All of the controls are inside the configurator. I don’t know how to code the on save in the configurator designer method to populate those fields in the UD 25 table

We’ve not done it like you are doing it, we added UD fields to QuoteDtl and do it like this. Does the UD25 table show up in the target entities list in the Document Rule Expression Editor? If it does, then this method should work for you too.

Pretty sure you will need to use a server side UD Method (function) to have the Db Context available to you. This should enable you to pass along your data(set) to the UD Method and save to a UD Table. There should be sample code snippets throughout this site to assist you further on creating/updating UD Table record(s).