Update User Codes Dropdown's Filter Params dynamically

We are in the process of upgrading a screen customization from Classic to Kinetic. In Classic when the first dropdown value changes we updated the SearchFilter on another dropdown to a different User Code set. This allowed us to have a dynamic list of options. I figured out how to use the Filters and Filters Params on the Kinetic dropdowns to set the dropdown to the more expansive User Code group at the start. I have not figured out how to dynamically change the Filter Params once the first dropdown is set.

I looked at the Rules but that property doesn’t seem to be editable there. Is there a way to do it via Events, or do I need to find some new method for dynamically setting the options on a dropdown based on the results of another dropdown.

Welcome @Justin.Morgan!

Post #13 shows how to dynamically filter drop downs: BAQ Combo customization - how to convert from Classic to Kinetic - Kinetic 202X - Epicor User Help Forum (epiusers.help)

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