Update VendorNum on AP Invoice POSTED

I have two invoices that made it all the way through to AP Posting before someone realized the Vendor was the wrong vendor. How can we update or cancel the INvoice to get these corrected?

In 2.600 you will be able to create a cancellation invoice in AP, similar to how you do it in AR.

Basically a debit memo to close the invoice.

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I’m not sure about AP, But AR has a “Cancellation Invoice” to create a new invoice that completely undoes the origrinal invoice. And by “undoes” revereses all the GL trans created by the original. So in AR, costs are pulled out of COS, and put back into the AR Accrual acct. The next invoice created would then re-pull from the AR Accrual acct.

Did you do the process Payments yet? (or whatever its called where you actually print the checks)

That is where we ran into the issue. The clerk that runs the check run in Epicor Payment Entry noticed the Vendor Name was the wrong entity.