Updateable Dashboard - Focus moves

Good Morning,

I am working on a new updateable dashboard (905702a) to allow date maintenance of PO releases without having to go into each po in PO entry. I am doing single record (PORel) saves. When I edit and save a record, the focus goes to the top of the list of PO releases. This will be very annoying to users.
Is there any dashboard setting or does anyone have any suggestions for how I can better control the record focus here so that upon save we remain in same area (row) of dashboard?


This is the default behavior unfortunately… the only way around it is usually customization to SetFocus after the Update is called.

As Jose has mentioned, it is default behavior. One option is to set you BAQ for “Allow Multiple Row Update”, then the user must hit save to update the records. This will allow you to select/change multiple records before you hit save without it jumping back to the top.

Hi Jim and Jose,
I started out wanting to allow multiple row update but got myself in trouble with passing correct record id (PO num) in bpm. I have used others examples on this site to come up with the following:
I have a pre-processing directive on advanced bpm processing updateable query unapproving the PO so I can change the release dates:

For Each ttResults where ttResults.RowMod <> ‘’ on error undo, next:
For each POHeader where POHeader.Company = cur-comp and POHeader.PONum = ttResults.POHeader_PONum exclusive-lock.
POHeader.ApprovalStatus = “U”.
POHeader.Approve = false.
POHeader.ReadyToPrint = false.

Then after user changes the release dates and saves, I have post-processing directive on this advanced bpm processing updateable query reapproving the PO.

For Each ttResults where ttResults.POHeader_PONum = ttCallContextBpmData.Number01 on error undo, next:

For each POHeader where POHeader.Company = cur-comp and POHeader.PONum = ttResults.POHeader_PONum exclusive-lock.
POHeader.ReadyToPrint = true.
POHeader.Approve = true.
POHeader.ApprovalStatus = “A”.

I’m not sure how to pass the multiple PO numbers to the post processing directive. Any ideas? I toyed with delimiting together into a field then pulling them back out, but seemed so painful so I decided just go with single record update.

(BTW The query only pulls already approved POs so that I don’t have to compare buyer privileges/allowed $ expenditures, etc. I have menu maint setup to allow access to buyers security group only.)

Thank you!

Sorry to revive this topic. I do understand that is the default behavior, jumping back to the top of the list. Jose mentioned that a Customization could return the Focus of the screen to possibly the last checkbox or field you changed. Has anybody done that? and if possible share some of their code to reverse engineer it?