Updateable DB with multiple queries

Ok all,
This one is a challenge and maybe I’m over thinking it or it’s just not possible in Epicor 9.
I have a dashboard where I am showing all purchased materials on a job. When one material is clicked, the quoery below displays any other jobs/PO’s that have that same material on order. The top query is publishing jobnum, partnum, PONum. The second query is filtering off of partnum = upperquery.partnum and jobnum <> upperquery.jobnum.
I want to add an updateable checkbox on the 2nd query to perform some BPM code that I am writing but I need the job number that is being shown/selected in the top query. Is this even doable? Any way to pass it into BPMContextData? Any help would be appreciated.


Have you tried the Call Context Subscriber for the upperpane’s Properties > Publish?
I have never tried this, so I don’t know if it will work from the upperpane or not, might not be in scope of your BPM, but I know Dashboard BPM’s scope is a bit different.


Here is the E9 Help on the Section:

  1. If you want to publish the contents of a column out to a business process management (BPM) directive, within the Call Context Subscriber pane, click the New button. This functionality is especially useful if you are creating an updatable dashboard. Depending on the conditions defined within the BPM directive, different actions occur.

Example: Enter data that triggers a custom alert message to be sent to a manager. Set up a BPM functionality by creating call contexts within the current query.

  1. Click on the Publish Column drop-down list and select one of the published columns you want the BPM directive to monitor. All the published columns you selected on the current query display on this list.
  2. Click the BPMDataColumn drop-down list and selected one of the subscribing BPM columns. Use this step to define the subscribing BPM column that will receive the data.

Tip: To complete the BPM functionality, you next need to create a method directive that monitors the data within BPMDataColumn. For information on how to leverage this functionality, review the Business Process Management topics available within Application Help.



Thank you. I did think of this but I still cannot get it to send data to query 2. It only passes into BPMData of query 1. Unless I am doing something wrong…