Updating BAQ Query Phrase

Not original user who set this up and company is not on service contract so just trying to figure this out. One of the reports needs to have a filter / condition added to remove all records that meet a certain condition (AND OrderHed.CheckBox03 = False).

I know the Query ID I need to change, I have ‘Shared’ check and ‘Global’ unchecked and have a Query Phrase that I need to change

for each OrderHed where ( OrderHed.OpenOrder = TRUE ) …


for each OrderHed where ( OrderHed.OpenOrder = TRUE AND OrderHed.CheckBox03 = False ) …

If I click on ‘Phrase Builder’ button > Next > Next > Add my column and filtering criteria and then click ‘Finished’ it says I have 2 and appears to create a duplicate of my current BAQ. Is there no way to just update the current BAQ in version 8.03?

Appreciate anyone with any information.