Updating email addresses on disposition alerts

Hello, while I have experience in other ERP systems, I am new to Epicor in general so patience is appreciated…

We currently have emails being generated on RMA dispositions, and the email addresses need to be updated to include additional individuals, and I have been tasked with determining how to accomplish this task.

I have reviewed global alert, alert group, and several tables, BAQ, system agent, system monitor, as well as read multiple articles and “how to” but have come up blank on where this is generating from. It does not appear to be a standard global alert or a report, and all indications it is triggered when the disposition on RMA occurs.

Does anyone have any other ideas on where this might be located?

Hi Karen,

Perhaps you have a bpm method directive on it. Take a look for the method directives on RMADisp per screenshot and see if you have any checks in there and then look at the bpm widgets to see if there’s an email setup on it.


@KarenBarboza Welcome. I have my RMA Notification on a data directive on RMARcpt.

If you are On Prem these are a couple of tools for sleuthing that will help.
ServerLog.txt can have all of the bpms that are called listed so you have a place to look for them. This needs to be enabled in the app server.

@hkeric.wci has a tip on using cmnder in the link below that you can search all of your bpms for a phrase out of the email to find the routine. I use this a lot even on my own code.

Hi Nancy, this was it - thank you so much for your help!

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Greg, thank you for your response! It was under the method directive @Nancy_Hoyt pointed out, but thank you for taking the time to assist.