Updating Price List Parts

We have a large number of custom price lists for customers. To keep the number of people with access to some of the data that is also found in customers, we are managing the price lists through IT. I thought I had sorted out an issue that keeps happening with updates to prices where it errors out do to trying to “update” the UOM.

I would agree with the message. UOM is a key column and should not be changed. However it is also a required column for this DMT type. I have forced the part number field to “text” as a work around previously but seem to have this ongoing issue. I did put in a ticket to Epicor. That didn’t seem to go anywhere. Any other suggestions?

I ran into this before and it was an issue with my file. Once I changed it to csv and opened it in notepad++ I was able to find extra spaces, removed them and then my DMT worked. Maybe you’ve already verified the exact characters in your file, just throwing it out there in case its helpful.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I did find one issue looking at it in that format with some weirdness on a lower record with " ". I’m not at 100% failure now but it’s still most of them. I don’t see extra spaces.

I suggest opening this file in an app like MS Excel.
When you open it, you will have 5 columns shown (duh! :smiley: )
Here is the thing, sometimes when copying and pasting info in apps like Excel, you might activate unnecessary columns, let’s say column 7 for example.
You will not see anything there after deleting the value, but the column is still active.

So my suggestion is that try this:

Select the 6th column (which should be empty) and select next few columns (lets say up to column 15).
When selected, just hit delete button on your keyboard.

Do the same thing for the rows as well, find the last active row, and delete the next few rows.

Also make sure there are no empty cells inside your data, that can cause this error as well.

Save it as csv and then try importing it.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

So I purposely start with a template out of DMT instead of the file provided by the end user. Then I can manage what the column headers are and not run into these issues like you have listed. I am using a .csv file.

I paste values only from the provided files to eliminate any other issues.

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Then I would suggest checking the copied info, I suspect you have empty/incompatible cell in it.
Since it is referencing a Key column, I would get a list of the Key columns and see what is being used.

You get all of that information in building the template out of DMT program.

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I was referring to this part of your statement.
There could be blank cells there or incompatible data.

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Normally those give a different error message and would have been easily spotted in the suggestion above to look at the file in notepad++

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I’ve been there, DMT just does not work sometimes for inscrutable reasons. Other things that sometimes help, closing and reopening DMT, changing the order of the columns in the file, using a sledgehammer on my laptop.


One last resort.
If the sledgehammer did not work (LOL :rofl:) try checking the status of PartNum and ListCode
Those might be deactivated and that could be the cause as well.

Part Numbers could be inactive and I did ask the sales person to review a few that are noted to use a different part number replacement. Manually it would let me update them.

The dashboard shown in the original image, only returns active price lists so the list code should be good. I just don’t like manually updating 50 lines of a price list.

Seriously this is my last suggestion :sweat_smile:

Check the case (Capital or Small) of Key columns
I found it here:


Just a question, what is “Code”?


The DMT you show has ListCode and UOMCode but not just “Code.”

It sounds like you all are assuming it is UOM?

Edit: I did look at times when I have added, modified, and deleted price list parts, and I seem to have the same template as you:


Both of those fields cannot be changed. They are both key fields for the table.

Well sure, I’m just saying that the error is vague. Maybe it’s implying something else.

If the listcode is something else then it would be a different price list overall. The structure here is weird in that you have a price list (header), price list parts (parts on the price list) and then a customer cross reference to the price list. The list code is the link between price list and price list parts.

The UOMCode is not editable manually or otherwise. That’s why it would be my assumed choice based on the error message. The only way I know of to change it would be to delete the line all together and redo it with the right UOM.

In the Field help the column label for ListCode is Code and the column label for UOMCode is UOMCode. I know they don’t necessarily match up but they are the same.

This issue is trying to use the PriceLstParts BO. It simply isnt written to update. Instead you must use the PriceList BO.


To be clear, @Chris_Conn helped me with a work around of an updatable dashboard since DMT is being a pain.

I still have an open support ticket so maybe that will go somewhere this time… :crossed_fingers: