Updating Records from UBAQ Dashboard on Save

I have an updatable dashboard bound to a UBAQ that grabs open JobOper records. I have several UD fields that we use to schedule operations for each department.

SchedRunDate and SchedRunQuantity UD fields are used to filter dispatch dashboards on our MES stations. Each operation has the preceding OprSeq number saved in a UD field (JobOper.Number20).

The dashboard is separated into tabs for each department. I want to take the scheduled date and scheduled quantity entered in the UD fields and save them in separate UD fields in the NEXT operation. That way the schedulers can see which previous operations have been scheduled.

For example:

Job 123 has 2 operations

OpSeq 10 Forming Previous Op = blank SchedRunDate = 6/11/2021
OpSeq 20 Hardware Previous Op = 10 SchedRunDate = blank PrevOpSchDate = 6/11/2021

I want to update the PrevOpSchDate for Op 20 based on the value saved in SchedRunDate for Op 10.

I tried a data directive, but that did not work, at least not with the custom code I wrote.

Any thoughts?

Hi @MLW8595, this could possibly be handled through a customization on the dashboard itself. You could possibly write some code to capture the value from the Op 10 row and assign it to the Op 20 row, using the event wizard and perhaps a button click to trigger that action. I don’t have any code examples available at the moment, though I can share some shortly if you like.

Matthew Morgan

If it’s a uBAQ that’s already working, put a post processing on the update in the uBAQ to write what you need where you need it. In the BPM, go to actions, run bpm designer.

I would avoid doing client side customization’s in classic if you can because with Kinetic, none of that will uplift, so if you can put the code into the BAQ it will upgrade unchanged.


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