Updating Service Connect References During Upgrade

We are upgrading Kinetic from 2022.2 to 2023.1. We know we need to update all .Net References in Service Connect after it is upgraded. Does anyone have a faster way to import updated .Net references other than one-by-one? Maybe by editing the .config files on the server in some way?

Hi @aschickedanz ,

I believe there currently isn’t a direct option available for what you’re seeking.

As a workaround, I recommend taking a backup of all workflows that contain .NET references during the restoration process, The system will prompt you to set up a new reference path in grid format, which is straightforward to alter. Additionally, you will be asked to provide the file path and your user password once. This method should provide a solution to your problem.

Dnyanraj Patil

Thank you for the suggestion. We are doing an in-place upgrade, so I do not anticipate restoring any workflows. If there are no other suggestions, we will consider it.

Thanks again,

If you don’t mind my asking. Did you have to go through and update each individual conversion when you upgraded? I am facing the same thing: Going from .NET refs to REST. My fear is I will have to “re-wire”/redo every conversion after I pull in the REST refs… Considering how many workflows we have, I have the fear…

What are REST refs? .NET has DLLs but Epicor REST is done via https. There are no references. I heard that Service Connect can do REST but I’m not sure if it uses OpenAPI/Swagger at all. Generally, since REST does not need the underlying logic, there aren’t any references required unless the calling signature changes. But I defer to the SC experts on this one.