Updating the Ship To on an invoiced Shipment?

Before my time, when we implemented Epicor, we didn’t follow best practices very well. We sell stuff to many customers which then drop ship it to another company. But instead of putting these other companies in as a customer and reusing their address over and over again as a third party shipto, we added their address over and over again to each distributor.

I’d like to consolidate these addresses under one customer and get rid of all the bazillions of duplicate Ship-tos. However it doesn’t seem possible to change the Ship To number on old shipments via update able BAQ. I was able to change it on the quote and order fine though. Is this a fix that isn’t possible without a full re-implementation?

Epicor will prevent changes to closed transactions - and you should never change old transactional data

What you need to do is forget about the historical records, deactivate the existing records that you no longer need, create new records as required and then update your open transactions to reflect the new account information

If you need to report on the new and the old accounts you could use a UD field to link the old record to the new record and construct BAQs/Reports around that linking

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I figured as much. It makes sense from a certain point of view, it just makes cleaning up bad implementations impossible :disappointed:

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It doesn’t appear that there is any built in way of inactivating a Ship To. Good grief.

It does appear I can use an updatable dashboard to convert existing ship to’s to Alternate Ship To’s which slightly mitigates the awfulness of all the duplicates, as I can have a central customer with the actual ship tos, and make all the distributor customers shiptos be alternates of these… That way if there is an address modification we can update one shipto instead of 100 ship tos at least…


You can create a cancellation invoice, open the pack slip, change the order shipto and update the pack slip. once you mark as shipped, the shipment will appear in the invoice entry Get Shipment process.
There are a few other post on this on the forum, so I will keep the answer brief.
We saw a few posts this week on a bpm to inactive shiptos as well.

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Yessir, I found that how to disable/hide with the search function. I heard they had added a bunch of inactive flags recently, so I was a little surprised Ship To wasn’t one of them.

That process for changing the ship to seems feasible for a few mistakes, but was trying to deal with an issue that’s been ongoing since 2014 – that would be a lot of cancellation invoices even if I found a way to automate it, I would think.

I wonder if Epicor would be willing to make a datafix for me…