Upgrade 10.1.600.8 to

We are testing 10.2.200 after upgrading from 10.1.600.8. We have noticed twice now that we are not able to get the Active Homepage to work on our upgraded app server. As soon as we create a new app server we are all good to go.

We have followed the directions in the Release Upgrade Gudie 10x to 102200x. We were hoping to not have to create a new appserver and update all existing production shortcuts with it at the time we go live. Anyone have any insight or ideas of what we might be missing.


We are planning to upgrade from 10.1.400.38 to 10.2.200 after December 31, 2018. In review of the installation instructions, it appears that you don’t need to create a new app server? Could you elaborate further.

The install instructions does not say that you should create a new app server when you upgrade, however we found that in order to get Active Home page to work we needed a newly installed app server and not to use the our old version app server (10.1.600.8)

I spoke with a couple of tech support people at Insights about this and they recommended to create a new app server even if it was not in the documentation. Back in May they mentioned they were working internally to get this added to the upgrade installation. Maybe it will be included in 10.2.300 when it gets released.