Upgrade App Server SSRS error

I just upgraded to 2022.2.4 and when I try to deploy the app server I keep getting failures on the SSRS links. This is an OLD sandbox environment that I was using to test the install. Any suggestions where to start or look to see if these links are even correct? I never set this up originally.


Can you get on that server to verify SSRS is installed? It’s a separate installation now in SQL server.

no I can’t get to it.

You may need to Remote Desktop to that server and see if there is a service, and make sure it’s started. Otherwise, you’ll need to install the SSRS.

The SQL Server Reporting Service is running and Installed. Any other suggestions?

I think I had the same error in the past, this was related with the SSRS version. You need at least SSRS 2016 in Kinetic for this to work properly. Try upgrading your reporting service

Check the Report Server Configuration Manager on the server. The Windows Service may technically be running, but the Web Service and Web Portal are not actually set up.

Select the Web Service URL and Web Portal URL tabs. If the ‘Apply’ button at the bottom of the window is enabled when they are selected, click it to apply the settings and initialize the Web components.

I got it fixed our license had expired for reporting services. It is fixed now.