Upgrade complexity from kinetic to 22 to 24

What version?
What happened?

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It all started when I was trying to register the app server and it said it didn’t have access to the SSRS Report Server Folder… which is super odd because it’s never complained about that before and I’ve done this same upgrade from 2022 to 2023 and it never had that issue.

And then I notice the upgrade guide is outdated/not matching what I’m seeing in the admin console for the SSRS settings.

I call support, they tell me to make a share that gives permissions to the folder in question…

I do that and then try to register again… At this point it successfully gets further in the registration until: EXCEPTION CANNOT XYZ SSRS WEB ERROR SERVICE ETC (GOOD LUCK).

At this point I don’t know if creating the share is what totally messed up the SRSS sites or if the registration broke it.

So that’s kinda where I am at. And SSRS server/deployment is not my forte… I don’t have a SQL dev environment to mess it all up and play around with it.

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