Upgrade Error 10.1.600

Just throwing this out here to see if anybody has some insights. We have a case with Epcior but the contact, our IT manager has just quit so I dont know who would be corresponding at this point. For that matter, I dont know who is going to perform the actions on a server for a solution either… :frowning:

ISSUE : unable to connect to clients on a newly created pool
IMPACT : low, not live environment
ERROR: no error, it pop up a window displaying version mismatch between server 10.1.600.4 and client 10.1.600.0
If review at the local client folder the app.version file for the appserver JPTestConversions2 actually shows version correctly as well as on sysconfig file 10.1.600.4
rebuild site, redeployed apppool, and rebooting machine does not fix it
Permissions over the files is everyone
from SQl the database user does has privileges of owner and security admin
SQL and appserver on same machine
apppool connects just fine but the client does not

Suggestion from support (I dont know if it’s been done):
If you have not already done so, I would suggest that you try re-upgrading a copy of the 10.1.400 database using a good 3.1.600.versioned Epicor Administration Console ( uninstall and reinstall it if necessary by running the msi at C:\Epicor\ERP10\ERP10.1.600.0\SupplementalInstalls\Administration AdminConsole.msi. Don’t forget to run the EAC update from C:\Epicor\ERP10\ERP10.1.600.0\Updates\ERP10.1.600.4\SupplementalInstalls\AdministrationUpdates\ AdminConsoleUpdater.exe .

A version mismatch is almost always between the client and the database. The database is sitting on one version and your client is on another. Logically we’d try to identify the versions of the database and client to determine who needs to be upgraded.

If you’re getting the error on the client side saying Mismatch at the App Server level that would indicate the Appserver Client is lower then the version of the database. In this case you wouldn’t be able to connect to the database through the Appserver until it was upgraded correctly.

  1. Are you going from 10.1.500.x to 10.1.600.4? If so then you need to download the Release Upgrade Guide from Epicor and follow those steps. It’s not a difficult process and we’d be glad to help answer your questions.

  2. Have you been working in this database and everything worked and all of a sudden you got this mismatch error? This problem is almost the same the same process as the above except you’ll most likely just need to re-register the Application Server, under the Server Management node in the Epicor Administration Console. Same as above, download the Release Upgrade Guide and follow the steps of deleting the Application Server and Register Existing Application Server.

Again, if you feel unsure just call Epicor Support and give them your site ID and have them walk you through the process.



This is an issue with the client being out of sync.
Open up the config on the client workstation and set the version number to then close and re-launch Epicor it should re-download the “right” version of the client.
Make sure the shortcut doesn’t have /SKIP on it or it won’t do the update.