Upgrade path from on prem 10.2.300.5

We are discussing options for upgrading from 10.2.300.5 and our biggest initial question is, should we upgrade to the latest 10.2.700 version or take the plunge into E11 knowing that Kinetic is the future for Epicor? We currently have 36 client side customizations ranging from simple field additions to pretty complex programming. We are also in the process of migrating away from using Dynamics CRM and have plans to build more client customizations to mimic some of the things we’ve done in Dynamics CRM. I have no choice but to get away from Dynamics CRM before we can do any upgrades because of the legacy issues of version 4.0 of Dynamics requiring Internet Explorer to run. Our sales team is stuck with Windows 7 until we get rid of Dynamics. To further complicate things, we are also running APM+ and have several crystal reports still be used with that module. I’m sure this isn’t an easy question to answer, just curious what experience others have.


I haven’t played with Kinetic much yet, but I believe if you go Kinetic and just keep using the classic WinForms smart client then it is basically the same thing as going to 10.2.700… I know a bunch of people are planning to upgrade to Kinetic, stay on the classic client for some time, and then migrate to the Kinetic UI (in the browser) once screens and AppStudio mature a bit more.

Heavy existing customization on the classic client is certainly going to make the Kinetic UI migration more difficult. But you might be able to sneak a lot of your existing code into Functions, which supposedly can be called in Kinetic screens. Honestly, I think the much bigger challenge for most companies is going to be training users on the new interface and dealing with all the resistance to change / people issues.

Regarding Dynamics - oof, sounds like a rough situation. Agreed, definitely get off that soon and get rid of those Win7 workstations! With this functionality that you need to mimic in Epicor though, can you get any of that in BPMs instead of customizations? That would help with future upgrade complications to a degree.

I’m not sure APM or Crystal play into your decisions very much, they should both still work fine in either version (as far as I know).


@tvonderhaar I went to Insights with the plan of going to 10.2.700 and came home planning on going to the latest as the fat client is the same. I did a 10.2.400.15 to 21.1.7 and almost all of it converted without any changes needed. I am waiting on 21.2 onprem so I can begin my upgrading in the latest version.

We got an Insight’s deal to move from APM+ to DocStar now ECM.

We are down to a handful of CR reports and moving those to SSRS may not happen in this round.


I’ll cast another vote for going Kinetic 2021. As both @TomAlexander and @gpayne have said, you can keep using the “Classic” interface and begin moving your customizations in a more structured time frame. Same with moving Crystal Reports to SSRS.

All the while you can start teasing your (ahem) “non-legacy” ERP users with what things will eventually look like. It may help keep them engaged.

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Great information everyone, thank you. I had read some about being able to run both the classic and kinetic but wasn’t certain it applied to Kinetic 2021, knowing that works is the ticket to make the jump. Also good to hear that Crystal still works which will give me time to figure out what to do with APM+

@TomAlexander the Dynamics customization are very involved. The ones I’m worried about are entire modules [Dynamics calls them entities (Applications, RGAs, etc)] that are completely unique and will need a complete front end with UD forms in Epicor. The RGA entity will get integrated with Epicor’s RMA.

As far as the Kinetic look, we may not have as much resistance since Dynamics CRM is browser based and has a similar feel to what Kinetic looks like. I find it a bit amusing how the industry goes back and forth between browser based, fat client, then back!

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