Upgrade to 500+ Menu Gone?

Just curious if anyone has seen this behavior. Upgrading to 2.500.X from 2.300.X
We had created a bunch of new menu’s including brand new Menu Branches and a slew of those are simply GONE after the upgrade…



Not to that extreme but I did notice some menu items missing after a recent upgrade.
While I only dug a little, I got the impression that some Menu Order Seq numbers are “reserved” by the application. e.g. where I had previously moved an existing. stock menu number to make room for one of my UD menus, or a module that was unlicensed might normally take a spot on the menu tree. TBD what was really going on though…

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I have not experienced this issue but I did have a consultant tell me similar information that if you are adding something it is best to set the UD items in 1000s. This prevents them from being overwrote during an upgrade with a stock menu item sequence number. Not ideal if you want to keep items in a specific order though

Is it gone from Menu Maintenance as well and/or Ice.Menu table?

Yes Gone from the tables and menu maintenance. POOF Evaporated @Jonathan


I remember we had an issue with an apps table that was overwriting customer data with new base data.

But in that scenario it was because IDs were the same, in your case it was simply removed and not overwritten.

Maybe check the upgrade logs for clues, while support investigates this.

Migration Logs: Epicor10500_Results_04_27_2020 22_24_45.txt (95.5 KB)

I’ll see if I can find something, however I can see that there is a backup table in the Database, dbo.Menu_backup, probably taken before the upgrade.

Also, just to confirm. SystemFlag was not 1 for those menus right?

Jose –

Known issue with some versions & patches. Best to export menus from versions in a solution file and reimport. Custom menus sometimes get blown away or moved to other areas of the menu system.







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Correct no SystemFlag.

That happened to us when we converted from 8.x to 10.0. At that time we decided to consolidate some of that.

When we converted from 10.0 to 10.2.500.x, we didn’t have any menu loss.

I’m Glad to know of tip to export the menu structure.

For those upgrading from before 10.2 what is the best way to avoid this?
Just set Seq to be 1000 or greater? Or is more required?
It would be good to understand what the migration script is looking for and define the criteria for removal so we can avoid this type of issue?
I have clients on 8, 9 and 10.0 which are considering upgrading and it would be good to know what can preemptively be done to avoid this. Some have tons of additional custom menu items.

just to provide more info …
We upgraded from 10.1.400 to 10.2.300, and only saw the stock menu names - which we changed the to indicate that a customization was applied - had their description changed back to the default.

I made a DMT run of all of my 9 menus with customizations to process in 10.2.400. Some of the new menus sequences conflicted and I could not fix in menu maintenance, so I had to DMT mine out and give them new sequence ids. The conflicts varied by the conversion run, so I just had to run a query on the menus and find them after.