Upgraded Test to 10.2.500.6 and now BAQs don't work

Upgraded our 10.1.400.24 Test server to 10.2.500.6 the other day. Database side went smoothly except for one issue where we had to delete a few ice.chglog rows because it was trying to build indexes with duplicate keys. Got the app server updated and ran into a little weirdness with the Admin Console, but got resolved after a reinstall.

Then we opened the client to run the mandatory conversions. One failure with GL Transaction Type import, but we figured that one out quickly. However, we seem to have a major problem with BAQs. Conversion 130 failed for every BAQ. If I open any BAQ (even the system z queries) and try to run it, I get a an error message “Table ‘DynamicQuery’ property mismatch between sender and receiver.”.

Looking at the error messages from Conversion Workbench shows a little more detail:

Company: , Query: zCRM-CustomerActions, Error summary:
System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type ‘Ice.BO.DynamicQuery.UpdatableType’ from assembly ‘Ice.Contracts.BO.DynamicQuery, Version=3.1.400.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=5d3fa3c7105d7992’.
at Ice.Internal.Task.Implementation.Converters.FieldDataTypesConverter.IsEscBasedUbaq(UpdatableQueryRow queryRow)
at Ice.Internal.Task.Implementation.Converters.FieldDataTypesConverter.UpgradeQuery(UpdatableQueryRow queryRow) in C:_Releases\ICE\RL10.2.500.0FW\Source\Server\Internal\Conversions\ConvertBaqOnUpgrade\Implementation\Converters\FieldDataTypesConverter.cs:line 96

The error message referencing our old version # (1.400) made me think it was a local client issue, but I reinstalled the client a million times and compared the dlls in the directory and everything seems to be the correct version (3.2.500).

I have re-deployed the app server and re-generated the data model several times already. Can’t get to the bottom of it and Support is giving me nothing at all to go on. Praying that Brad or Nathan can get assigned to my case… they seem to be the only two who we can count on…

For any Epicor folks who may be able to nudge the Support team, this is case# CS0001821284.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have!

I assume you did the ‘upgrade database’ in EAC. Its done in the same area as the Regen Data model

I did, that part all seemed to go smoothly. It’s very odd, the rest of the system seems to be fine. Printing works, BPMs are running, and data clearly gets returned from the database when you pull something in to Part tracker, for instance. BAQs just don’t work. Which in turn causes all dashboards and configurators using BAQ dynamic lists to fail.

@TomAlexander, you definitely have Ice.Contracts.BO.DynamicQuery.dll file of old version on server side somewhere. Could you search through app server installation folder for the file name?
You have to have only one file in Server\Assemblies folder and it should be of 3.2.500 version.


Thanks, I ended up finding the old dlls in a location that the app server shouldn’t have been looking at, but I think it just got corrupted in the upgrade process.

I ended up just creating a new app server and pointing it to the database. That seems to have fixed everything.

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@hkeric.wci told us that it was best practice to do exactly that, drop the app servers and re-create them. He pointed out the differences in many files when you update existing ones vs create new ones. Not sure where that post is though.

We had a LOT of BAQ issues when we upgraded from 10.1.400, mostly because they changed BAQ to not evaluate in the order you specified in the table list, but to evaluate in some other order, probably left to right on where the table was in the diagram. Thus some references to what used to be earlier tables got messed up because the SQL was reordered so that the table being referenced was later in the statement instead of earlier. Since we had a lot of custom BAQs we had to go through them and make sure they were valid by moving tables around on the diagram until the generated SQL was in the correct order.


There it is!