Upgrading from 2021.2.8 to 2022.2.14

Hi Everyone,

I’m totally new to this product and have a small customer with version 2021.2.8 that wants to upgrade to the most current version 2022.2.14, and I’ve been tasked with performing the upgrade on premesis.

I contacted EpicCare Support and can’t get a straight answer out of them on the proper upgrade path to take. I read in another post to start at version 2022.1 and upgrade from there. This being said, is this the proper sequence?:

2021.2.8 update to 2021.2.33
2021.2.33 update to 2022.1
2022.1 update to 2022.1.24
2022.1.24 update to 2022.2
2022.2 update to 2022.2.14

I also need to update .net (currently at 4.7) and ASP.net first before upgrading/updating the server software.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

2021.2.8 up to literally whichever you want. There’s no path you need to take.

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Welcome Jason,

Honestly, I usually just do a new install on a new server/VM, restore the database from the current, upgrade the Database in the Admin Console, then let the standard upgrades run upon first launch.

Test, test, test. Do it again, and again, and again, and make the users accept it before doing it for real.

I would not recommend upgrading in place. But that’s me…

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We’ll be upgrading in place from 2021.2.10 to 2023.whatever. :slight_smile:

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Thank you both for the quick replies. So, in theory, I should be able to upgrade from 2021.2.8 to 2022.2.14 directly without the other upgrades first? The client only has a small amount of data and hasn’t really used the product yet. They asked for the update to be performed by close of business Monday because they supposedly have some trainers coming in starting Tuesday to train them on this product.


Even better!

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Oh. Even someone as Risk adverse as I am would agree…

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I am highjacking this a little. I am new to being on my own at a company for Epicor and have been through an upgrade with some very skilled coworkers at my last job where I was a backseat observer and assistant basically since they had done upgrades multiple times in the past. If I do a new install on a server/VM, how do I then restore the database from current? Any tips or suggestions?

I do an SQL backup in SSMS of the old and then a Restore into the new using SSMS.

If the SQL Server is newer, I change the compatibility level. Then in the Epicor Admin Console, run a Database upgrade. The rest looks like upgrading in place.

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