Uploading complex jobs via DMT

I’ve been using the DMT for quite some time, but haven’t had the “pleasure” of trying to upload multi-level assembly jobs. This environment has significant MTO, job-to-job, and up to 14 subassembly levels. Yummy.

It appears as though you’d want to upload them in this table sequence:

  1. JobHead
  2. JobAsm where the AssemblySeq = 0
  3. JobOper where the AssemblySeq = 0
  4. JobAsm where AssemblySeq = 1
  5. JobOper where AssemblySeq = 1

    REPEAT JobAsm and JobOper for each sequential AssemblySeq until they’ve all been uploaded

    then JobMtl
    finally JobProd

JobHead is first.
Assembly and Operation go together. Since a child assembly can relate to an operation on the parent assembly, each succeeding parent has to exist before it’s children can link.
Then JobMtl since those records may also link to an operation
Finally JobProd since in a Job-to-Job scenario, the Target Job and Target Job Mtl must already exist.

Any thoughts? And it’s not gonna happen that they flatten things out for such a little thing as E9-to-E10 upgrade.


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