UPS Hyperlink in invoice e-mail APR

Here you go. Thanks for all the help so far! I’ve always gotten good info from here simply by searching and not having to ask a question myself. I didn’t realize HTML was so new to APR. We currently run Altec APM on 10.1.500.23 and this is the last piece of the puzzle before I pull the trigger on our upgrade. It’s not totally necessary, but I enjoy when vendors have a clickable tracking number, so why not do it. Of course I thought it was going to be easy because I assumed the widget was going to read my code like I wanted, but I was wrong. I thought it was going to be more like expressions in VB where you can have multiple levels of brackets, but I’m also not proficient in HTML.

It will actually format the url correctly if i don’t try to format it with HTML, but I don’t like the way it looks showing the entire URL.