UPS Hyperlink in invoice e-mail APR

I am trying to change the tracking number in our email sent out with the Advanced Printing module. I want it to just show the tracking number that is a hyperlink to tracking website and not the entire url. So I code it in HTML, but it does not input the tracking number into the hyperlink like it should. In the e-mail is shows up as a tracking number that is blue, but the url associated with it is as follows: "’

Where the (TrackingNumber/) should be puting the number in, but instead it is reading it literally like it shows. Is there an easier way to put a hyperlink into the e-mail?

I changed the HTML code to parenthesis so it would show up.

What version of E10 are you on? 10.2.400 does not support HTML emails in APR. I think they added HTML support in 10.2.500.

Yep, Running 10.2.500.7 in Test. Sorry, I’m a newb and can’t figure out how to get HTML code to show up correctly on here.

Can you post your HTML here? Just insert it with the code markup. image

<a href="<TrackingNumber/>"><TrackingNumber/><a/>

Are you build the email in a custom code widget, or just in an email widget?

Does APR in 10.2.500 now include a custom code widget??
My opinion of APR in 10.2.400 is that it definitely isnt “Advanced”

It’s my understanding that they added it in .500. We are still on .400 and our APR consultant said that those new features in in the .500 release.

I just wrote the code manually in the email template in the routing rule designer. It doesn’t look any different than earlier versions with the exception that you can select email format html or plain text.

Whoops … My bad. I was thinking about BPMs.

So typing the following (with the two <TrackingNumber/> parts as “Inerts”)

<a href="<TrackingNumber/>"><TrackingNumber/><a/>

shows as (assume tracking number 12345)

When you want:

whose url is

That correct?

That is correct, both tracking numbers are field inserts.

You are correct as to how I want it to show and it does show up correctly. However, the hyperlink’s url ends up being<TrackingNumber/>

rather than

I’m on 10.2.300 , which apparently does not allow HTML in the email widget of an APR. Yet you can put HTML in the email widget of a BPM (if you add the HTML framing)…

In a BPM email Widget, I can put

(the underlined parts were “inserts”

And get an email with:


The inserted callContext...Company gets expanded in my BPM’s email widget.

But in your APR email, it is treated as a literal (because inside the quotes, i’m guessing)

Can you post a screen shot of the Email widget design in your APR?

Here you go. Thanks for all the help so far! I’ve always gotten good info from here simply by searching and not having to ask a question myself. I didn’t realize HTML was so new to APR. We currently run Altec APM on 10.1.500.23 and this is the last piece of the puzzle before I pull the trigger on our upgrade. It’s not totally necessary, but I enjoy when vendors have a clickable tracking number, so why not do it. Of course I thought it was going to be easy because I assumed the widget was going to read my code like I wanted, but I was wrong. I thought it was going to be more like expressions in VB where you can have multiple levels of brackets, but I’m also not proficient in HTML.

It will actually format the url correctly if i don’t try to format it with HTML, but I don’t like the way it looks showing the entire URL.

In the body, the <a ... > HTML tag shows everything from a href...Number as underlined and blue. is that a field, or just typed text, that the editor is highlighting for you?

The fact that Epicor uses <fieldID/> as the place holder for inserted dynamic fields, really makes it difficult to determine what’s manually typed HTML tags, and which are inserted fields.

It’s typed text except for <TrackingNumber>, that’s a field. CustomerEmail and InvoiceNum are also fields. Once you close the editor and open it back up it turns it blue and underlined. Once it’s like that, you can’t edit it because it treats it like one unit like it does for an inserted field. Like you said, the way they have inserted fields formatted, it’s getting confused with what is HTML and what is a field.

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