***urgent assistance needed**

We are currently in the middle of upgrading from Kinetic 11.2.200 to 11.2.300 (On-Prem) and we have been following the guide and are stumped on the next step. We opened the administration console and click on our application server and it is blank. We don’t know whether we should register an existing application server or add an application server? If there is anyone out there that can reply ASAP we would appreciate any feedback. @jgiese.wci @utaylor @Mark_Wonsil @hkeric.wci @JasonMcD @gpayne

Thank you

Which page are you on and which guide? New Install or Upgrade?

We followed the update guide and it seems to skip over this step? Are we missing something? Is there a separate guide?

I don’t do in-place upgrades. I usually create a new VM, install new, restore the database, and it upgrades from there.

I guess you can try to register one and if that doesn’t work, then add one.

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Page 28 of the ReleaseUpgradeGuide: Registering the Application Server in the Current Environment.

Epicor ERP_11.2.300_Kinetic_ReleaseUpgradeGuide_2023.1.pdf (2.4 MB)


I think it is covered on pages 27 and 28. Two step process

We looked at Install and Update guide. We are on the UpdateGuide_2023.1.6.pdf and we are on page 6.

This seems like the appropriate guide we did not see this and will check this out now. THANK YOU!!!

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From that document:

Welcome to the Kinetic Update Guide. In this guide, we cover how to install the latest update to your Kinetic 2023.1.x (build11.2.300.x) application. Update releases are cumulative, which means you only install the latest update available.

That document was meant for updating 11.2.300.X to X++ not 11.2.200.X to 11.2.300.X

Hope you get it sorted out :popcorn:

What do you mean by application server?

I know you’re using the right terms, but epicor uses the phrase “application server” in many different ways. It’s annoying. And I’m not looking at the guide at the moment.

If you mean the thing that ends in .local or .com, then you only need one. You can delete and re-add that a million times.

If you mean the thing that is one node under that, I call those endpoints. There’s no harm in having many endpoints. You would probably want several. They could all be set up the same and it wouldn’t hurt anything. You would probably want several. They could all be set up the same and it wouldn’t hurt anything.

I don’t care what the guides say. I have never found upgrading an endpoint to ever work out at all. I always end up making a new one anyway. You’ll get really good at it.

@JayR did you get it figured out? If you’ve never had the app server set up on that VM then you would add new app server and set it up accordingly.

If you had a previous installation of an app server on that VM and you want to upgrade that app server using an acceptable update guide that tells you that it’s possible to upgrade a previous version of an app server, then you would “register” the old app server as appropriate and specified in the guide at the right time.

If you want to chat about it I could look at where you’re at on the guide.

If you are on active support you can call Epicor support upgrades team and they are generally knowledgeable about this. Any time I have had a question about the guide or wording in the guide I have called them and, in the end, have been able to get clarification on the process.


Thank you all for your help! Turns out we were using the wrong document all along. We appreciate all the quick responses for help!!! Seriously… THANK YOU ALL!!