Use DMT to reschedule Jobs

We have a customer that has asked us to delay shipment of an in process order for 9 months. There are 79 open Jobs in the system linked to releases from this sales order. Manually rescheduling these Jobs will take a few hours. Has anyone used the DMT to reschedule Jobs? If not, does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this in a more timely manner?


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Do you use MRP or Global Scheduling in your planning process?

yeah, to expand on that, if you are not a coder (you can call the bo’s or use service connect) you can run global scheduling priority order then bring back those results and modify (delete) the records off the list you don’t want to reschedule and global scheduling will then only reschedule the jobs jobs left in that list. Updating the required dates to something specific is another game of course unless you are just scheduling to todays date etc…

Mitchell, Rob,

Thanks for the replies. Yes we use MRP, no we do not use Global Scheduling. I am not sure how that works, will need to review the Help. Yes, we want to reschedule these jobs to specific dates in the future, with start dates based on their operation lead times. Will Global Scheduling do that?

Rick Stannard

IT Project Manager



it will schedule based on the required due date at the job header level. You could use DMT to update that however.


Thanks very much. This is going to work well for us. We will use DMT to update the Required Due Date on the linked Jobs and then run the Global Scheduling Process to actually reschedule them to this new date.